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We like to let people know we are offering Whiter Image. Whiter Image is a whitening system. We offer in-office, home whitening, and on the go pens to maintain a white smile. For the in office procedure the doctore will do it for you.  So for those who feel like they don't have the time or patience to do it themselves come on in and we will help you get your teeth whitened. The at home whitening has two options are patients can choose from. One is a tray that you would do yourself and the other is a custum tray that we will make for you. For any questions give us a call (281) 591-0401.

For those who want to whiten on the go there are two options to choose from which are the Whiter Image Pen and the Chic-Flic Pen.

Whiter Image Pen:

        Easy to use for quick results

        See a brighter smile in just a few days

        Mint flavored

        60+ applications


Chic-Flic Pen:

        Illumination LED wand and mirrors

        Mint flavored

        Easy brush on with no mess

        Results in a few days

        Lip plumber:

            Gently plumps and have full lips

                                           Vanilla flavored and goes on clear


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